Diana Nersesyan, Emma Minasyan, Diana Sargsyan

Rib Fracture Detection on Chest CT Scans Using Neural Networks: The Impact of Image Processing on the Detection Results


Diana Nersesyan is a BS in Computer Science graduate from the American University of Armenia, ready to make her mark in the professional world. With a keen interest in the Data Science field, she is ready to make contributions to the medical field through the integration of DS solutions. 




Emma Minasyan is a recent graduate of BS in Computer Science Department from the American University of Armenia. As she embarks on her journey into the professional world, she is focused on enhancing her expertise in computer vision. Her primary passion lies in incorporating machine learning solutions to address challenges in the medical field.




Diana Sargsyan is a recent graduate from the American University of Armenia with a CS major, excited to begin her professional journey. Diana’s main focus is on expanding knowledge and skills in the Data Science field. She has a deep passion for integrating machine-learning solutions to tackle various issues in the medical sector. 


Description of the Talk:

The talk will present an approach for rib fracture detection on chest computed tomography (CT) scans using image processing algorithms and a specialized detection model. The proposed methodology incorporates image processing techniques to enhance image features and improve the accuracy of fracture detection. The findings suggest that the combination of image processing algorithms and a specialized detection model holds promise for improving rib fracture detection in clinical practice, potentially aiding clinicians in accurate diagnosis and treatment planning.